Aloha Monkey Shop Art : Mike Malone Flash Wall

- So, this is our flash, one of our flash walls here in the shop, and it is all Mike Malone stuff. This is mostly from his 1999 set where he, if, whoever bought the first, I forget how many sheets, er, the first however many sets you got an original with it. And, a flash is just super interesting and it's something that's always spoken to me cause it's just, like Ed put it so well, it's just a distillation of everything in life. Drama, to sex, to love, uh, bravado, faith. And so, Malone being one of the best designers of flash, he would always come up with really interesting sheets. They always said something, they had some type of wording. There was always something on these sheets that was for everybody, you know? Uh, not each sheet was like, for men only. I mean, there was always some little, cute rose, or, you know. But it got people looking around. It wasn't like a single sheet of tigers, or a single sheet of bats. It was like, it was just a spread out idea source. And so it just got you visually looking through the whole shop. And that's what I really like about it. It's all done in watercolor, you know? So, now-a-days people come in, they say they want a watercolor tattoo, and it's like, I know what they're referring to. They want that smeared outside the line business, but, these were all done in watercolor. And, uh, that's traditionally how all flash was painted, and still is. So, this is a great wall.