Aloha Monkey Shop Art : Original Ed Hardy

- So we're just showing you some of the gems here at the Aloha Monkey. This is an original Ed Hardy painting. Believe I got it in 2005. It is on red amate paper, so the paper's the red, and then Ed did a series of these where he did different silhouettes, and inside the silhouette he drew or he painted quite a bit of different imagery inside each silhouette, so he did one that was fudo, he did this native one, he did a cowboy, and so it was a series on this handmade amate paper, and I got to see this in 2001, when I got my chest done, it was in the San Francisco Museum and so I got to see that along with the other ones, and by the time I got my hands on it in 2005, it was the last one left, Chris Trevino got the rest of them, good on you, Chris. But yeah, it's just an amazing piece, and I was fortunate enough to be able to seize it. Hung in my house for quite a few years, and then when we moved into the big shop, I brought it over here, because it was the perfect centerpiece for this big room that we got, so it's one of my favorite pieces.